.US Reserved Names

Govermental Reserved Names Renewal Information

The United States Department of Commerce (DOC) has set up a process through which your agency or department can register .US domain names by Neustar, the .US Registry Operator and the official Reserved List Registrar.



There are pricing options for renewing .US reserved names. Note, that the lifetime option completely eliminates registration renewal hassles and reduces per-year costs significantly.

Please contact us with questions at (1-888) 415-0365, or via email at

  • Lifetime registration: USD$395.00
  • Five-year registration: USD$180.00
  • Three-year registration: USD$168.00


Reserve Names Renewal and Change Form:
Please click here to download the Reserve Names Renewal and Change Form.

Customer Support:

Please direct questions to: If you wish to speak with a customer support representative please call +1 571-434-5728.