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.US – The Natural Brand for United States Internet Users

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As is generally understood today, .com became very popular as a leading tld whose public familiarity rose with the proliferation of the internet itself.

However, .com is one choice among many and is not the official country code of the United States. That honor rests exclusively with the dotUS web address. As of this date, there are over 1.7 million active .US domain name registrations (source: DomainTools’ Internet Statistics).

Proposal to Launch a .US URL Shortener Service

Posted by Eric Brown on May 26, 2010 in

Neustar is proposing to develop the currently reserved .us second-level domain name “S.US” into a popular and secure “URL shortener” service. URL shorteners enable individuals to copy and paste a long URL from their web browser, submit it to a web-based interface, and receive back a “shortened URL” hyperlink that will forward to the original long URL when clicked.   Neustar will collaborate with a leading URL shortening service provider to create a new service aimed at raising the awareness of the .US TLD space.

DNSSEC and .us

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DNSSEC (Domain Name System Security Extensions) targets a specific DNS vulnerability that exposes Internet users to cache poisoning, or “man in the middle” attacks. Its implementation addresses this vulnerability by adding a digital signature to DNS query responses, allowing verification of  those responses through an unbroken communication chain.

.us Community Blog & Forum: Privacy Policy

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Privacy Policy

This Policy was last updated on May 21, 2010. 

Neustar, Inc. (“Neustar”, “us” or “we”) takes the privacy and protection of personal information of its website users seriously.  This Privacy Policy is intended to inform you of Neustar’s policies and practices regarding the collection, use and disclosure of information we receive from users of the .us Community Blog & Forum (the “Site”).

.us Community Blog & Forum: Terms of Use

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These Terms of Use serve as the code of conduct and terms and conditions for this blog that is provided by Neustar, Inc. (“Neustar”). By using this blog you agree to abide by these Terms of Use. The Terms of Use incorporate by reference the Legal Notices set forth at

Thank you for your interest in the .us Community Blog & Forum. The intent of .us Community Blog & Forum is to share information with the .us community. We invite you to submit comments or posts for consideration.

Proposal to Expand .KIDS.US Marketing Effort

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Neustar is proposing a program to adjust and expand marketing efforts for the .KIDS.US domain space. After nearly six years of operation of the .KIDS.US space, it has yet to capture the interest of .US accredited registrars, content providers or the public at large. Despite previous efforts to promote awareness, broaden uptake by registrars, encourage growth and increase usage of .KIDS.US domains (including offering free names and content subscriptions), we believe new measures are now required.

This program would include the following components:

Proposal to Release 1 and 2 Character .US Domain Names

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Neustar is proposing to make available the currently reserved one-character and two-character second-level .US domain names. The primary goal of the proposed program is to allocate desirable one- and two-character domains in a manner that increases use and awareness of the usTLD, which will in turn enhance the attractiveness of the in the marketplace. The domains proposed for release would exclude the two-character second-level domains that currently support the legacy locality namespace.